Project name: 1QBH unbound default 3 run A AIAYFIPD ss: CEEEECCC

Status: done

submitted: 2015-02-25 18:47:30, status changed: 2015-03-13 10:56:28

Project settings
Peptide sequence AIAYFIPD
Simulation mc cycles50
Peptide secondary structure CEEEECCC
Flexible regions
Unlikely to bind regions
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Models are ranked and numbered according to their occurrence in docking trajectory (1 = most probable result).
Representative conformations
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Representative conformations
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Receptor residuePeptide residue
Receptor residuePeptide residue
Receptor residuePeptide residue
Select trajectory from the right panel to display animation in JSmol. Note that it may hangs browser window for few minutes or ever.
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Selected model: model_1.pdb (most representative model of the best cluster) download the model
Details about clusters
cluster namecluster density average rmsdmax rmsdnumber of elements
cluster_1.pdb ( medoid) 41.3553 4.42506 19.9063 183
cluster_2.pdb ( medoid) 33.6166 6.24692 25.3449 210
cluster_3.pdb ( medoid) 25.0236 3.23694 10.3386 81
cluster_4.pdb ( medoid) 16.157 3.89925 15.6132 63
cluster_5.pdb ( medoid) 15.981 6.82061 25.7236 109
cluster_6.pdb ( medoid) 13.5297 8.57374 26.2492 116
cluster_7.pdb ( medoid) 11.31 4.68612 23.9533 53
cluster_8.pdb ( medoid) 10.098 6.93206 19.6864 70
cluster_9.pdb ( medoid) 6.61025 10.2871 20.7421 68
cluster_10.pdb ( medoid) 3.26846 14.3798 27.4045 47
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