Project name: 2v3s bound default 3 runB GRFQVT ss: CCCEEC

Status: done

submitted: 2015-02-23 11:19:19, status changed: 2015-03-13 11:02:35

Project settings
Peptide sequence GRFQVT
Simulation mc cycles50
Peptide secondary structure CCCEEC
Flexible regions
Unlikely to bind regions
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Zoom/rotate predicted model of the complex using mouse. Click the "View" button on the right panel to load the appropriate model. View in JSmol (pure html5/js) if you got rendering problems.
Models are ranked and numbered according to their occurrence in docking trajectory (1 = most probable result).
Representative conformations
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Representative conformations
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Receptor residuePeptide residue
Receptor residuePeptide residue
Receptor residuePeptide residue
Select trajectory from the right panel to display animation in JSmol. Note that it may hangs browser window for few minutes or ever.
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Selected model: model_1.pdb (most representative model of the best cluster) download the model
Details about clusters
cluster namecluster density average rmsdmax rmsdnumber of elements
cluster_1.pdb ( medoid) 63.5254 3.69931 13.2802 235
cluster_2.pdb ( medoid) 22.8338 6.17505 23.1355 141
cluster_3.pdb ( medoid) 21.5573 7.56126 29.1382 163
cluster_4.pdb ( medoid) 20.3382 4.13016 15.9534 84
cluster_5.pdb ( medoid) 11.4588 5.32343 23.5453 61
cluster_6.pdb ( medoid) 8.08935 11.0021 29.1856 89
cluster_7.pdb ( medoid) 7.4942 7.33901 27.3954 55
cluster_8.pdb ( medoid) 7.29969 7.53456 27.5388 55
cluster_9.pdb ( medoid) 4.98766 13.6336 35.5395 68
cluster_10.pdb ( medoid) 3.97662 12.322 28.0262 49
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