Project name: H18E5OK7Kd 5gsv

Status: done

submitted: 2018-01-10 06:16:56, status changed: 2018-01-11 07:28:12

Project settings
Peptide sequence MLLLHIHAI
Simulation mc cycles200
Peptide secondary structure psipred CEEEEEEEC
Unlikely to bind regions
1:B - 99:B 177:A - 274:A
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Zoom/rotate predicted model of the complex using mouse. Click the "View" button on the right panel to load the appropriate model. View in JSmol (pure html5/js) if you got rendering problems.
Models are ranked and numbered according to their occurrence in docking trajectory (1 = most probable result).
Representative conformations
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Representative conformations
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Receptor residuePeptide residue
Receptor residuePeptide residue
Receptor residuePeptide residue
Select trajectory from the right panel to display animation in JSmol. Note that it may hangs browser window for few minutes or ever.
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Selected model: model_1.pdb (most representative model of the best cluster) download the model
Details about clusters
cluster namecluster density average rmsdmax rmsdnumber of elements
cluster_1.pdb ( medoid) 126.546 0.940367 3.61169 119
cluster_2.pdb ( medoid) 66.1797 3.74737 40.2417 248
cluster_3.pdb ( medoid) 42.2635 2.81567 23.8466 119
cluster_4.pdb ( medoid) 31.2861 4.60268 59.9377 144
cluster_5.pdb ( medoid) 30.798 2.20794 6.60608 68
cluster_6.pdb ( medoid) 20.3024 2.95531 23.7637 60
cluster_7.pdb ( medoid) 11.8214 6.34444 49.2478 75
cluster_8.pdb ( medoid) 8.83202 9.39763 37.3067 83
cluster_9.pdb ( medoid) 5.88286 8.83924 23.1993 52
cluster_10.pdb ( medoid) 1.9858 16.1144 44.5361 32

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