Andrzej Kolinski Research Group

Coarse-grained protein modeling

Modeling Software & Servers

Biomolecules — dynamics & interactions


CABS-flex: server for fast simulation of protein structure fluctuations


Nucleic Acids Research, 41:W427-W431, 2013


The CABS-flex server ( implements CABS-model-based protocol for the fast simulations of near-native dynamics of globular proteins. In this application, the CABS model was shown to be a computationally efficient alternative to all-atom molecular dynamics-a classical simulation approach. The simulation method has been validated on a large set of molecular dynamics simulation data. Using a single input (user-provided file in PDB format), the CABS-flex server outputs an ensemble of protein models (in all-atom PDB format) reflecting the flexibility of the input structure, together with the accompanying analysis (residue mean-square-fluctuation profile and others). The ensemble of predicted models can be used in structure-based studies of protein functions and interactions.

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