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A method for the prediction of surface "U"-turns and transglobular connections in small proteins


Proteins, 27:290–308, 1997


A simple method for predicting the location of surface loops/turns that change the overall direction of the chain that is, "U" turns, and assigning the dominant secondary structure of the intervening transglobular blocks in small, single-domain globular proteins has been developed. Since the emphasis of the method is on the prediction of the major topological elements that comprise the global structure of the protein rather than on a detailed local secondary structure description, this approach is complementary to standard secondary structure prediction schemes. Consequently, it may be useful in the early stages of tertiary structure prediction when establishment of the structural class and possible folding topologies is of interest. Application to a set of small proteins of known structure indicates a high level of accuracy. The prediction of the approximate location of the surface turns/loops that are responsible for the change in overall chain direction is correct in more than 95% of the cases. The accuracy for the dominant secondary structure assignment for the linear blocks between such surface turns/loops is in the range of 82%.