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Monte Carlo study of star-branched polymers on the tetrahedral lattice. I. Conformation of the macromolecule


Journal of Polymer Science: Polymer Chemistry Edition, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 20:3147–3154, 1982


The star-branched polymers on the tetrahedral lattice are studied by means of the Monte Carlo method. The influence of solvent quality on the dimensions of the coil is described for both linear and branched polymer systems of different functionality. It has been observed that the ratios of gyration radii 〈S2〉b/〈S2〉l are greater than those predicted theoretically for the random-flight model. The fourth reduced moment of S2 distribution and the mean-square separation of the branch ends from the center of gravity have been also computed. The changes in segment arrangement in the coil with increasing number of branches have been observed.