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Protein–peptide docking using CABS-dock and contact information


Briefings in Bioinformatics:bby080, 2018


CABS-dock is a computational method for protein–peptide molecular docking that does not require predefinition of the binding site. The peptide is treated as fully flexible, while the protein backbone undergoes small fluctuations and, optionally, large-scale rearrangements. Here, we present a specific CABS-dock protocol that enhances the docking procedure using fragmentary information about protein–peptide contacts. The contact information is used to narrow down the search for the binding peptide pose to the proximity of the binding site. We used information on a single-chosen and randomly chosen native protein–peptide contact to validate the protocol on the peptiDB benchmark. The contact information significantly improved CABS-dock performance. The protocol has been made available as a new feature of the CABS-dock web server at