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Maestro project

Presently we are running MAESTRO project funded by The National Science Centre.


The project title: "New and efficient methods for the flexible molecular docking of proteins"


Project period: 2015 - 2020


The main goal of this project is to develop novel molecular modeling methods which will enable efficient simulations of flexible protein docking. The method is expected to qualitatively surpass the docking protocols that are currently available through including the full structural mobility of smaller molecules forming a complex (peptides and small proteins) and the substantial conformational flexibility of proteins (or protein complexes) that bind with them.


We are constantly looking for motivated candidates with programming skills (post-docs, PhD students and students). Best candidates will be offered trainings, stipends or full time jobs.



Author(s): S. Kmiecik; D. Gront; M. Kolinski; L. Wieteska; A. Dawid; A. Koliński
Chemical Reviews, 116:7898–7936, 2016