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New grant project on protein-protein docking

We will soon be hiring for the new grant project "Development of a new protein-protein docking method based on the flexible docking of short peptide fragments".

The project is directed by Dr. Mateusz Kurcinski. Its main goal is to develop a novel method for protein-protein docking, which addresses the problem of protein flexibility on unprecedented level. The method will allow for large conformational changes between the unbound and bound forms both of the side chains and the protein backbone, including motions of the whole sub-domains. The method aims to qualitatively surpass popular docking protocols, especially for target complexes that undergo large conformational changes upon forming.

The new method will be based on the assumption that protein-protein docking can be accomplished via protein-peptide docking of the Short Linear Motifs (SLiMs). SLiMs are short peptidic fragments, located on the protein surface, which mediate the interaction between protein domains. It has been demonstrated that for as much as 40% of known protein complexes the binding interaction is in fact governed by a single peptide fragment.

Interested and qualified candidates should send CV to: